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Golf in CRF Communities

Now that your schedule is clear of everyday hassles like work and other mundane responsibilities, it is time to focus on the more important things in life. Perhaps lining up the perfect putt and improving your handicap will become your new daily routine. You have waited so long to be able to roll out of bed on a Tuesday morning, throw on a polo and drive the dew off the course.  Now is your time to make your dreams a reality and we have 4 beautiful communities to make it happen.

CRF Golf communities in Florida are very popular because they provide residents with a private space that fosters friendly competition, relaxation, and endless opportunities to meet new people. The superb weather year-round is not only beneficial for the players themselves but the residents who simply enjoy the peaceful backdrop the course provides. While many of our residents play for the challenge of the sport, all of our clubs offer a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere and cater to members of all skill-levels. Four Lakes Golf Club, Swiss Golf & Tennis Club, Anglers Green, and Hidden Golf Club each offer their own course landscape, community feel, & active lifestyle options.

Learn more about each community here and see why Golf Retirement Communities and The Sunshine State go hand-in-hand.